Are You a Walter Mitty?


Walter Mitty – as in dreamer, idealist, escapist, fantasizer ..

“Secret life of Walter Mitty” an inspirative life story that show

us what is the purpose of life.

        Is it dreaming or actually living? 

We are all human beings. We dream, in terms of creating mental pictures of what we want to become, the life we want to live, better, fuller, happier. We imagine the job we want to work, the money we want to have, the places we want to visit, the things we want to do … we dream day and night, over and over again. The question is:

Are we going to let ourselves dream the life we want to live, or actually live the dream we want as life?

Ben Stiller from the character of Walter Mitty demonstrates us the ultimate daydreamer, an ordinary man who makes that first life changing move that will take him to experience his wildest dreams, even the non-dreamed ones. Like on an escalator, once you’re on it, the moving never stops, it gets us further, eventually pushing us to shift our expectations level up.

The moment is crucial, it just has to happen! Once it does, just let yourself into it, and trust your instinct. For Mitty, that was the moment when his job was threatened, the trigger that moved him that first critical inch. All the rest is history.

So, about the purpose of life: LIVE now & don’t let the dream live you. You only have one life that you are given, don’t waste it … Do it your way, live by your criteria, raise the volume and keep on living the dream.

“Someone with their feet planted firmly on the ground has no hope of reaching the stars.” – Marsha Collier;

Life is a song – sing it. Life is a game – play it. Life is a challenge – meet it. Life is a dream – realize it. Life is a sacrifice – offer it. Life is love – enjoy it. 

- Sai Baba


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