How about this idea: funky, fresh, phenomenal, just like you. Color the standard life whiteness in pink.

Get some pink balloons, pink candles and some pink paper for start. The invite is best when it’s composed by you and only you. Your words, your style, your party! So get the pinky paper and do your magic.

This won’t be seat & eat night, but relaxation for all senses. Every detail is counted so how about PINK (the singer) playlist as a welcome to all your friends. Later the dance floor is yours so keep the volume up and rock that stage.

So, ambient – check, music – check, time to check the snack part. Be open to any food that pops up on your mind. Pink donuts, strawberries covered with pink chocolate, pink moose, pink pudding, don’t forget pink muffins. Options are unlimited.

pink donnuts pink strawberries pink pudding

And now for the fun part. Bring the beverages in.

Start with the welcome shots. Every guest (with the exception of the non-alcoholic people) should drink one on foot before enter the party room.

Needed ingredients:pink shots

  •  25 oz Vanilla vodka
  • 15 oz Watermelon schnapps
  • 40oz sweet-sour mix (or mix lemon juice and sugar)

This is a mixture for around 20 people (one 4 each) … Cheers


And how about the easiest but tastiest cocktail eveeer: drink

  • 1/2l vodka
  • 1l strawberry juice
  • 1l banana juice

Slice up some bananas and/or strawberries in the bowl. The taste will WOW you :)

     And now for the dressing part. Ladies, have fun. Get the most spectacular pink dress, long or short, fluffy or straight, jeans and shirt, no limits here. And for you guys, don’t be afraid to unleash your soft side, you might be surprised from the results. Get some gentle pink t-shirt, and beware of the girls, cause they actually like people that are not afraid to show their soft side (and the color might do the trick). So go for it. 

 …. and don’t forget the most important part: HAVE FUN !  Go party and do your magic, the floor is yours.



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