I’m in love with YOU!


I don’t care if Monday’s blue

Tuesday’s grey and Wednesday too

Thursday I don’t care about you

It’s Friday and I’m in love



It’s Friday and I’m in love … with YOU!

“The Cure” sang that song, but did they actually give us the “Cure” for love?

It’s quite simple, it’s MORE LOVE!

You see, Love is like disease, a good one, sometimes maybe painful, but always a heart fulfilled one. 

It gives us fuel for the soul. Of course there are many types of love, and today it’s about the “me loving you” kind. When I say You, I mean you – you dirty little human, my lover in crime.

It turned out that love is like FIRE. It starts with a flame of one branch and suddenly PUFF, the whole forest is on fire. WoW, WoW, there goes the entire mountain. The one thing you have to do when this moment happens, as crazy it may sound, ENJOY IT!

Live and boost every little molecule filled with tiny love beats and dance. The music is soft and gentle; it’s like a summer breeze, a glance of light. Let that light into your body and allow the flow through you, like a touch of rose petals, bringing their smoothness, that distinguished red color, fortified with the essential scent. Aaaa feels like Christmas to me.


love pills

Relax, Retain, Repeat!


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