Wine & Cheese Party

wine party food

     Cocktails, different alcohol mixtures, bear and a lot other variations for thirst extinguishment in late hours, accompanied with the most necessary part of the party, your dear friends. This time we’ll make something different, seeming like daily basis practice, but just seeming. For the admirers - a true indulgence, and for the rest – a possible shy entrance in the magic world of the drink of the Gods – WINE!

             Red, white, rose, dry or sparkling, fruity enriched, in touch with all senses of the human being. A scent that will drunk your soul, a taste that will jiggle your heart. Pure touch of real pleasure, travel through time, glimpse to the future.

      It’s up to you to purchase few carefully picked sorts of wine that will relax you with some good music, calm atmosphere, and of course with a nice chit-chat with the chosen ones. Don’t forget about the glasses, different shape and height depending on the wine selection. Simply be the wine guide for the evening. During the selection, carefully read about the type of wine that you’re going to serve, in terms of the background, the year of vintage, the type of food that is recommended with, and all information’s about it that later you’ll share with your friends.

           Wine&Cheese plate      Party tray      wine_and_cheese_party

The night wont be complete until there is something to snack in addition to the wine. Elegant and worthy till the end we serve the picked cheese, maybe some sherry tomato or a slice of prosciutto, set of crackers, fruit in addition, or some olives maybe.

Simple, quick and easy to prepare, delicious for tasting, ideal appetizer for the occasion.

Few candles here and there, quiet, cozy, stylish, Simple but not exclusive, discrete and unique, refined and unforgettable. 

Wine and candlesLet the night be a night to remember, night of unforgettable stories, sincere smiles, warm hearts and warmer hugs, reminder of the childhood, timeline through life, acknowledgment of friendship and love. 



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