Balkan Party


Sounds familiar; it associates with something; calling ghosts from the past, or maybe it’s a part of everyday life that surrounds us. Anyway it’s interesting and unforgettable if you have the basic ingredients of the specialty called BALKAN.

No matter how much it reminds us of unhealthy food, it’s not quite true. Let the dinner begin with a large amount of fresh salad. Purchase everything that is fine, colorful and its present at the local market. “Shopska” or “Mixed” salad – the choice is yours. This includes tomatoes, cucumbers, onion (Advice: Make one salad without onion for the newly-loved), oil, parsley and some cheese, grated or in square pieces. Don’t forget the salad made from cabbage, grated carrots and beet. I told you that we’ll start healthy.

sopska1   mesana salata  sirene  greana-rakija

 For those with larger capacity aka gourmands, you can add in another plate few slices of cheese, with a little olive oil on top and some spice on it, and maybe some olives here and there to complete the impression.

And off course the most important part without which no Balkan-ika party can start, is the Macedonian rakia (search it on the net, or maybe you have some friend or neighbor from the Balkan that can share some info about it). Cold but not frozen, served in small jugs if possible.

The conversation is on, music is on fire, and the atmosphere is heating up. Naum, Blagica, Blagoja, opa-iha, and everything run smoothly. Ok, ok you can play music by your choice; just remember to keep it cheerful and fun.



And here comes the surprise of the evening. Fresh, hot, it melts through the fingers, roasted pork in a large bowl, with or without the apple in its mouth (at the end the apple stays in the plate anyway).

Cold beer, glasses raised high, toasting for life, for the full table, for the nice rakia, for us. Have a nice dinner and a nice party.



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