Childhood time travel party

They see me rollin

         Let’s do something different, something that will make us cry our hearts out (I’m talking about tears of joy), that will take us back to another time, our past, our own history.

This party won’t be about the food and drinks that will be served to your guests, although you can through some chips and beer, or cookies and wine, or some fruit and fresh juice.

And you know who your guests are – right? Your dearest friends!

Believe me when I say that tears will be as sweat as the smiles will be wide and shiny. So for start get plenty of handkerchiefs and place them on a visible place.

The preparations from the guest side are an ultimatum.

Here is what everybody should bring to the table:

  1. Pictures - from the beginning of “our” time, for example
  • ​​naked in the bath
  • smile with no teeth included, 
  • maybe with no hear included, (young bald heads)
  • and everybody with the most funky “what were my parents thinking” clothes

​​As a reminder – Don’t cheat, and bring your most “embarrassing” (read funny) picture, the “no one should see” photo! Every picture comes with a specific story behind it, so don’t be shy and share it, it’s just your best friends around you!

  1. Videos - we all have this, whether we’re singing, dancing or just fooling around. Bring the best of the best
  2. Good mood - gathering time is for relaxation, good conversation and a lots of laughs. So smile and be the reason for someone else smile 

         buckovci   sl4   sl3   sl8   sl1

We all know our friends, their good and bad sides, their virtues and flaws, but this will create another dimension in your friendship, it will make it deeper and actually bring you closer to one another!

Time to take the friendship on another level! ENJOY IT!

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