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   I think that, no NO no, I’m certain that everybody thought that this was about FaceBook right..

Although it is a worldwide brand and engine, this story will be about something else.

It’s a life changing experience, a book that will shake all of your brain cells. Written by two “no hair, quite a wisdom” Swedish Academics, that inspired at first my brother, then my father, and at the end – me; not just to read their book, but also to visit their exquisite seminar, my all-time favorite “FUNKY BUSINESS”.

In addition I will pounce few quotes from the book, without order but with perfect layout, as the sayings can create the impact that I experienced few years ago. Here we go:

“To survive and succeed, you must arm yourself with the most deadly weapon – KNOWLEDGE!

The vital resource of our time – the human brain – is in our hands. The power from those who invest money into business is moved to those that invest skills in it. The uneducated, humble and loyal worker will soon disappear. So, welcome in the time where the alarm constantly rings, a time where surprise is everything, time when nobody can predict what tomorrow will happen. In the future, the respect of the rules won’t guarantee competitiveness. On the contrary, old rules will be broken and new will be established.

In this new environment is impossible to run a business in a usual way. We need unusual business. Different. Innovative. Unpredictable. Full with surprises. We need FUNKY business.

Take some water, add sugar in it, sparkle it and put it in a can. It will cost you less than a quarter. Now write Coca-Cola on the can and you’ll get a dollar. In a society that works on brain power it’s all in the perception – that thing that makes the intangible real is actually the large noise of the cash register.

Funky leaders are the founders of chaos, but also the source of order.

There are only two ways to be different – either you’ll be cheaper, or you’ll be better.

To be different is crucial. That’s why the companies are dependent on people that have original ideas. The “bad” thing about it, is that originality and difference are a privilege of those that the average working community member considers a little weird, not to say crazy. But they are the true entrepreneurs, and they are ready to oppose the status quo, to see the world with eyes wide open, break the rules, ignore regulations and challenge the norm. So, are you ready for a risk, even personal one? Are you and your organization ready for a risk in search of a temporary monopoly?

To be normal doesn’t lead anywhere. It’s better to be something for somebody, than nothing for everybody.

In an emotional economy it’s better to make 90% of the people angry and to attract the attention of the rest 10%, than to be OK for all of them. People like fascinating stuff, spectacular ones, funky stuff. The new economy is more (art)skating than a speed one – the points are brought by the art impression.

The competitive strategy doesn’t lead anywhere. Sensational strategies are what we need. They will attract the attention of those we want to cooperate with. Sensational strategies affect all 5 senses; Emotions included. The competitive strategy means to be one step ahead of others. Sensational strategy means to play a completely different game.

To be great in your work is not enough anymore. It’s not enough to satisfy the customers also. To succeed we must surprise the people. We must attract them and make them dependent. It’s all in the attention. By focusing on the tangible aspects of the business we risk to become insignificant.

And believe me, to be insignificant is a far bigger problem than to be inefficient!”

Feeling intrigued already. Well you should be. Read the book and dare to be FUNKY!

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