Are U unique from birth?

Unique from birth! You think that’s possible?

I’m talking about all of you born on 29th of February! I mean come on, from the day of your birth you knew you were fabulous; you are in that 1 of 4 years and exactly on that day. Exceptional!

They are the ones that have double number of years, so for example when you ask them how old they are; they can say 24, or 6!


They can never say that it overlaps with Friday 13th! (LoL)

I’m proud to say that my brother is one of those unique people; so HAPPY B-DAY Bobi-Bro. Keep the awesomeness you marvelous bastard. Love ya

And yeah, if they don’t have a “day” that doesn’t mean that you should not get them a present!

And now about the facts …

  • A year is the time for the earth to complete its annual orbit around the sun, and although most calendar years have 365 days, a complete revolution around the sun takes approximately 365 days and 6 hours.  That’s like a quarter of a day, which if we multiply by 4 (years), we get 24 hours in our hands. Meaning that every 4th year we have an extra day.  That year is called a leap year, and it counts 366 days. That special day is the famous 29th of February.

What if I told you that the year of 2100, although it belongs in the leap division, won’t have 29th of February… But, I think that it’s enough info for today, and if you feel intrigued about it, than you know what you should do.


To all of you leapers,

Happy birthday .. in two years!

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