In LOVE with the SUN


        Life is good. I’m here, sitting with some morning coffee, reading this article about LOVE, on this beautiful day (oh yeah it’s Friday wo-hoo, be free to yell)! Today I praise the Lord for giving us this light-creator, day-maker, smile-popper – his majesty: THE SUN!

What is the sun in fact? – It is the brightest star!

Ask yourself what are the two things you are grateful in life, those two things that gives you that calm feeling close to zen, that fulfills you with inner peace, that creates smile on your face..


You woke up early to catch the greatness of this beautiful day, and this brightest star fills your eyes with morning beauty. Feeling great already …

And before the night comes, it creates the most significant romantic view. Imagine: Summer time, beach party, no leaving till the sunset is over. Made a wish already?

  • It gives us HEAT! Come on; don’t tell me that you want to be cold all the time!
  • Wearing is EASY&QUICK! Put on something, anything you have in your closet and you’re out! Not like in winter when you wear your shirt, sweater, tights, jeans, winter hat, shawl, jacket … the list continues…
  • While we are on the wearing page – The sun regulates our body weight! How? Simple, when you know the less clothes you wear, the awareness of your body shape increases. Diets, workouts, jogging, rollerblading, mountain climbing; a (wo)man’s gotta do what a (wo)man’s gotta do! Work it! Ok, that was in my words, but medically, it’s the sunlight that stimulates the thyroid gland, which boosts your metabolism.
  • We have a day that starts with our beloved sun – SUNDAY! Admit it, you love Sunday!

I probably should not say this, but well … It gives us ten! That golden ten that gives another dimension of our body … How do I put this in words? We look thinner, cuter, simply amazing, and that my friend is the ugly truth! (“The Ugly truth”, if still not seen that movie, trust me when I say that it’s a must)

Let me finish with this: It increases SEX drive! Exposure to UV light has been shown to increase testosterone levels in men and estrogen levels in women. This is especially pronounced in men. When the chest and back are exposed to sunlight, the male sex hormones may increase by up to 120%.

Spring tree


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