Are you familiar with the fact that Coca-Cola in its composition contained cocaine? Maybe someone will think that that’s the reason for the addiction of people towards this colored drink. Do not panic. The named component long time ago has been excluded from the composition of the “Magical Potion”. Or maybe not?

Coca Cola

    Coca-Cola was first created in Atlanta, Georgia, year 1886, by a local pharmacist John Pemberton aka “Doc”, whose intention (read obsession) was to create a perfect medicine and a drink, all in one formulation.

He wanted to create a nonalcoholic version of French refreshment Coca-Wine, made by coca leaf extract and Wine. In order to avoid liquor regulations, Pemberton mixed coca-leaf extract with sugar syrup instead of wine, adding African kola-nut extract. His “dope” beverage was only available in drugstores as a patent medicine for 5 cents.

A valuable brain tonic, and a cure for all nervous affections – Sick, Head-Ache, Neuralgia, Hysteria, Melancholy … “ –  written on its first label.

The two key ingredients were: cocaine (that derived from coca leaf) and caffeine (from kola nut), which led to the name, and gave the drinker a “buzz”. Oh yeah, it actually BUZZed the people!

Long story short, in 1903 Coca-Cola removed cocaine from the formula, substituting caffeine as the stimulant ingredient. Later they replaced unprocessed coca leaves with “spent” coca leaves (leftovers of the cocaine extraction process with trace levels of cocaine).

Coca-Cola declines to comment on whether or not the drink contains spent coca leaves, deferring to the secret nature of the magic formula.

Secret or not, Coca-Cola was and it will remain the beverage of the century, and beyond.

However, it’s your health, right. Cheers!

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