B-I-G Family FACTS

Any brothers or sisters… maybe one or two? Or maybe four? Oh yeah, my parents run for that starting five in basketball, number of fingers on one hand (or foot), five star hotel, or simply lucky number five!

If you’re part of a BIG FAMILY, you’ll understand me when I give you some interesting facts of the bigness!

rainbow family
  • You are never alone & bored
  • You always have someone to talk to;
  • You always have something different to wear, just open your sister/brother’s closet;
  • It’s never quiet, only when Everybody is sleeping; There is always someone that watches TV, listens to music, singing, talking, cooking … etc… the list is endless trust me;
  • Your cosmetic department –perfume, cream, make-up- always spends quickly; Off course, cause it’s used by few people; But don’t forget the bright side, you use their also, so again you’ve got plenty of different products to apply;
  • If you are a girl: babysitting is your middle name, but later when you’’ll have your owns, you can freely proclaim yourself as an expert; and cooking, come on, you’ll be making meals for entire army at home; but how about when you’re married, go and make for two people aaaa problem right; I mean come on, you managed to feed a dozen, you’ll handle only one;
  • You can never have the house only for yourself cause there is always someone home;
  • Party time when parents on vacation: Well, you have to make compromises, in ten days you get two free nights, and it has to be scheduled precisely!
  • How about the bathroom in the morning … Oh yeah, it’s a fight for your right; the first up is the first in!
  • Hot water for shower: Get in line fast, cause after the third one it’s obvious that you either have to wait for the water to reheat again or you’re in for the quickie freeze type;
  • Invite for a celebration of any kind: You better set few more tables in the room, cause only we have one for ourselves;

Heard enough? I know there are plenty other stuff too, but that’s it for now.

Anyway, children are the biggest treasure that any person can have!

Be wealthy! Be rich BIG time!

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