Losing weight 4 forever!

after workout

Okey so you’ve done all diets, and they actually worked, no one can say that when we watch out on what we put in our mouths doesn’t bring results.

Well it has! BUT, what happens when we stop dieting, oh yeah it’s food time, getting back to our eating habits, that will eventually (like in few days/weeks) bring us at the beginning, the same spot where we’ve started.

And now its time to start the process.. again!

Look at this pictures … you didn’t think that they woke up looking like that? They worked their asses off to get in shape like that. That is the truth.

          They eat well and they work out!

Adriana Lima

And not just that, they continue with that lifestyle so the results will remain and not disappear.

man workout woman workout fitness man hard

Cause we are specific creatures that like to start always from the beginning, like start from Monday, cause its the beginning of the week, so do it, do it now. NO EXCUSES!

Need motivation to lose weight? Just eat in front of the mirror. Naked. 

Feeling motivated already? If not, remind yourself … Summer is coming!

Never forget: “Your body is a TEMPLE, why treat it like a MOTEL?” - Tom Ferguson


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