Understanding is one of the most basic tools of your character. What do we actually mean by the term understanding? A question for yourself or for those that surrounds you? If you can understand yourself then it won’t be a problem to understand the peculiarity of an individual. It’s not about criticizing, neither an assault. That’s why I would like to reveal my way on understanding others.


Life itself is filled with different temptations, moments, influence from various things, dreams, and most of all diversity in the development of our life, a direction of those that found themselves in our childhood and how the entire past has been spiced up throughout the years.

I’ll warn you again, there’s no critique or pocking on anyone’s intimacy, on the contrary, by reading my writing I would like to direct you to try to understand me, as you would like to, and to recognize the way you actually see yourself.

Dear friends and fellows, life is a labyrinth of uniqueness that moments provide. Would a simple verbal exchange, even in three or four occasions, between two interlocutors create urge for critique?! Is it worth to jump in others lap to prove ourselves?! No, on the contrary, if everybody could self-understand, founding themselves somewhere in the universe as God’s plan on this Earth filled with everything, then he will succeed to enjoy a regular everyday word exchange with his interlocutor (random passer, colleague, partner, friend, parent, child,…). Enjoy the moments, through them your smile is found, your tear, support, solace, assistance, direction… and most of all the magic of the duration in which it speaks for itself.

And don’t you ever forget, in the place where you are in your thoughts, not everyone is on the same frequency with you; on the contrary, try to find halfway, that’s how you’ll enjoy the adventure called mutual understanding.

One more thing till next time… Love one another, that way you’ll understand yourself for certain, because love is a God’s gift and according to her we exist. And if the answer is not within the Creator, then where is it?

Yours truly,


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