Can a MOBILE crash a PLANE?



 “Please power off your electronic devices like mobile phones, laptops during takeoff and landing as they may interfere with the airplane system” – says the flying attendant before take off.

 A study from IEEE Spectrum - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, says

“…our research has found that these items can interrupt the normal operation of key cockpit instruments, especially Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers, which are increasingly vital to safe landings. Two different studies by NASA further support the idea that passengers’ electronic devices dangerously produce interference in a way that reduces the safety margins for critical avionics systems.

… Passengers must also be informed of the very real risks posed by their use of PEDs (Personal Electronic Devices), especially on flights that use GPS approaches. Turkish Airlines’ announcement is straightforward: “Mobile phones interfere with the flight instruments and have a negative effect on flight safety.” The technical standards for GPS approaches could be modified to ensure that any loss of signal is immediately flagged to the crew, particularly during landings.”

Has there ever been a plane crash because of a turned on mobile?

No. Till now, no crash accident has been attributes to a passenger’s electronic device. The real question is: will this zero going to remain the same, cause statistics have showed that about 30% of the people don’t bother to turn their gadgets off, although it’s the first thing they’re asked to do.

Why are we asked to shut down the electronics?

Almost all electronic devices, including, lap-tops, tablets, cell phones, e-books, and also gaming consoles are emitters of radio waves. If those waves are close to the ones that the navigation apparatus use, than the plane technologies could be interfered.


Sometimes we really need to obey the rules. Its for your and others safety.

So next time you’re on a plane, be good and TURN IT OFF!

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