Love being a WOMAN!

1. Women carries and gives birth to another life; Man will never feel that kick in the stomach that the woman will;

2. Women can come in different height sizes, and be cool with it – They have high heel shoes to rise them up;



3. Women can have BIG “AB-packages” (Ass & Breast) and get away with it – Let me see you try that on a man.. it doesn’t work, right;


4. Women can wear make up to cover some flaws and emphasize the beauty, day and night – and still be gorgeous;


5. Women can wear her brother/boyfriend’s clothes; but can also wear skirts, dresses & wide wardrobe variety; Man will never feel that summer wind breeze underneath;

angelina-jolie      Jennifer Lopez    Halle-Berry-1  Halle-Berry-Versace

6. While watching a sad movie at home or at the cinema, no matter where they are, women can cry their hearts out and not hide them, hold them in or even be ashamed of them!

7. Underwear – 2 words: Victoria’s Secret!


    You see, James Brown knew when he sang his “This is a man’s world, BUT it would be nothing without a women or a girl“, and Beyonce sealed the deal with “Who run the world – GIRLS!”

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