igor kirov


IGOR KIROV – The most prominent Macedonian dancer and choreographer, exquisite person, persistent, unique, always creating and delivering with great amount of hard work, commitment and most of all - love! His restless spirit and enthusiasm took him many levels up in life, demonstrating and transmitting his knowledge and passion from China and Korea, to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, France, to Cuba and USA.  Today we get a glance on his dynamo-magnetic temper …


LP: What is your aspiration in life?  - To find the happiness in each day and to make the best of it!

LP:  Dancing is … Is all i HAVE!

LP: When & what was the crucial moment in your life which made you realize that dancing is your future “everything”?

When I get all I could get from the people in Macedonia and it was for me to decide what my life could be. Then I pull myself together to find a way to leave my country, knowing that from that point Dance is ALL I HAVE and I will have, coz there is no better life when u wake up in the morning and u know that ur day is full of love for ur work!

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LP: If my professional occupation wasn’t dancing, than I would have been … ufffffff there is lot of options and lots of ideas but what exactly even I don’t know :)))

LP: What motivates you to give your best every day?  - The future that is more and more to come.

LP: What is your recipe for success? - Work work work give and take and again work and in between relax and again  the same :) of course knowing what u wanna do and get in each day ur clear ideas and pictures in what u wanna achieve!

LP: My message to all LIFEPOPPER’s in the world is … just love what you do and invest and involve ur self max to get max of what u want!

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