Anyone for GHOST TOWN?


As scary it might sound, it is true!

The Ghost island does exist!

Located in East Asia, only 15 kilometrs from Nagasaki, Japan, is the Hashima Island, aka Battleship island (cause in reality it looks like a battleship), is surrounded by a concrete wall which gives it additionally armored warship appearance.

Populated from 1887 to 1974 as coal mining town, owned by Mitsubishi, Hashima housed thousands of workers. The island had building apartments, school, hospital, retail stores and restaurants. When the coal ran out, consequently the work ran out also. The island was instantly deserted as people immediately abandoned that concrete peace of land.

     Hashima-Battleship-Island-From-Above-2      hashima1

After 35 years of closure, travel to Hashima Island was re-opened in 2009, through boat trips for public visits.

If you are not able to visit this place in future, or you are actually scared to do so, than maybe you can do it through the web … NOW … click on the link to go straight to the Ghost Island .. Enjoy! Click here

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