Earlier this year,“Abril Uno” – a satire web publication, as the name says “April First” aka “April Fools”, posted that tobacco giant Phillip Morris had announced that they would be entering the marijuana cigarette market! It was a joke that actually rounded the whole world, gathering opinionated, pro&don’t crowd.

It’s said that marijuana should be removed from the criminal justice system and regulated in a manner similar to alcohol and tobacco.Voters in Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana for adults in 2012.

Legal retail sales started in Colorado in January 2014.

Uruguay became the first country to legalize marijuana in December 2013.

Replacing marijuana prohibition with a system that taxes and regulates use for adults over 21 would yield $14 billion in combined annual savings and tax revenues.

Marijuana Colorado

The National Cannabis Industry of Colorado is projecting $400 million in sales in 2014!

If we add the benefits that marijuana gives to the human body as recent researches had shown, including that it’s an active pain reliever, that it combats depression, anxiety and ADHD, that it slows the spread of cancer cells etc, it might be on the right way.

The truth is that tobacco is garbage, and marijuana is a drug that should be only used for medical purposes as it is almost everywhere, but that’s just me talking out loud; And the fact is that it started as a joke, and only the future will show if this could be a new multi-billion business!

You know how they say: Where there is a flame there is gonna be a fire! Ganja-Fire!

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