Modernizing the art of FILIGREE

Butterfly Jewellery

Filigree is an ancient art form of making jewelry which demands excellent soldering skills and great amount of patience. Twisted and formed to resemble lace, it refers to openwork design, as your imagination can go, an exquisite bouquet of fine gold, silver or other metal threads.

Originally this lacing of metal was used to decorate personal ornaments including crosses, royal crowns, manuscript covers etc.

The history of filigree can be found in several ancient civilizations from Egyptian to Persian, to the Greek, Early Renaissance, Romanticism and Art Nouveau eras.

It’s exquisiteness, unique artistic elegance, personal expression, and Haute Couture exclusiveness of filigree remain admired today, with many artifacts stored all around the world, including Vatican Museum in Venice, the Louvre in Paris, the British Museum in London and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. No wonder that it follows nowadays also, modernized through the time, with an edge, satisfying the refined taste of trendy-vintage luxury women & man. Feast your eyes!

CurvesintheRightPlacesII  venetian-style-black-metal-filigree-petite-butterfly-mask-a-3218-p    filigree bag filigree_butterfly_watch_by_pinkabsinthe-d47o0q8

        filigree shoes     filigree earrings gold

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