AIDS FREE dress!


Are you ready for a Recycled design wear? Wash & Wear CONDOM layer? For all body types and shapes - LATEX knows BEST !

How else would you wear a material that is both waterproof and light?

It’s called Contraceptive Fashion, or as I like to call it “AIDS FREE” Fashion Wear! Most designers decided to use condoms as a clothing material cause of their availability, and of course their variety of sizes, colors and textures.

Beside of the fashion side, the accent is also put in increasing the awareness of sexually transmitted diseases and their prevention.

If these designers are putting great effort in creating them; the models are ready to pose wearing them, then you should know that it’s not a big deal to use them, first for your own safety, and second to avoid unplanned pregnancy.

condom dress1   condom dress2 condom dress3  condom dress4  condom dress5  condom dress7    condom wedding dress  condom dress9

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