Private life = Public business ?


 “SELFIE” – Self-absorbed, Narcissist, Egotistical picture of YOU, shared with the world!

When did we become attention addicts?

Why, Oh why everybody must know what we had for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or even for a snack in between? What, with whom, where and when we do what we do..

Click & Post … Click & Post … Click & Post ….

When did we stop enjoying a simple and private dinner, wild party or just a random walk? Have you ever wondered why we do that?

Why must everybody know every little detail of our life? The important question is: When did our private life transform into public (everybody’s) business?

You’re damn right, it’s an addiction! We constantly feed ourselves with it. It’s like having your own media where you place your news; of your personal life unfortunately. But are we admired because of our actions, or have we triggered jealousy and even negative emotions; we don’t know, and we actually don’t care as long as we get the required attention! And does the contrary also grow in us; Following and intruding the life of others? Are we becoming classical voyeurs? The Kardashians are a simple example.


So for a start try to keep some of your private moments just your own. Keep them like your biggest secret that nobody knows but you.The feeling will be precious!

Don’t let the media own you! Only you can own yourself!

By watching life of others you let your own life pass through your fingers! Live for yourself and please keep your “underwear” into your own draws!

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