A glance of Macedonian history through dance!


Macedonia – The heart of Europe, land of nature, large history, friendly people with BIG hearts, delicious food, good music, great dance … Come, visit, experience by yourself. You will come back … I promise!

Now you have the opportunity to watch the Macedonian history through one piece - one song & one dance

People are created to do great stuff, to be remembered by their work, to leave a mark behind them as a sign of their existence! This year, the second placed on the Macedonian TV show “Dancing with the stars” vol.2, the mark was left by the star, an exquisitely talented singer (and now a dancer) Sarah Mace, and the professional dancer – Miso Spasovski. It will touch your heart, give you goosebumps, it will WOW you. I know that it had that effect on me!

The applause for this admirable piece of art simply couldn’t stop, and even left one of the judges in tears. See why..

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