The Big Bang Theory – THEORY!


Different from other series we watch on TV, realistic, funny, simply BAZINGA! Bunch of geniuses, everyone in it’s own field, gathered at one place; as the saying goes “You are who you hang out with”. Well as for start they are at one place, understanding in their own words, living in their own world full with themselves. 

Lets check the couples:

He genius + She genius = Sheldon & Amy. Geeky, socially awkward, both intellectuals. He is self-centered, knowing “all”, except how to drive a car, he’s always right (never left :-D ), follows rituals, like sitting on the same spot (favorite place on the sofa), and knocking on the door three times. We can freely call it platonic love and attraction. He is like a big baby that doesn’t know the world around him, except the world in which he lives in. She is a normal genius girl that is rational as she can be. Her place in world is somewhere in between the normal and the “abnormal”. Her hormonal level is pretty high, so if she doesn’t get what she wants, and she wants it really bad, we are in for a rape, probably in her mind only.

Funny-Big-Bang-Theory-Pictures-Half-a-sandwich-Sheldon-Cooper   sheldon_cooper-1 3

He genius + She not genius = Leonard & Penny. Ok, so we know that opposites attract. He’s got high IQ and she’s a waitress. Does that makes her stupid? Hmm .. no! Did she ever tried to understand, or even listen to their conversations? No! So, is she stupid? Maybe  :-D . We are all different. That’s how God created us. She’s a wanna-be actress and what if she finally gets the part she always dreamed of and become a millionaire? Who’ll be the genius then? Is ingenuity measured by the persons income? Is it by what the person studies, or by the PhD? The good thing is they are both open-minded and make a cute couple. Maybe we’ll see their babies in the next episodes. Twins – baby girl, genius from birth, and baby boy, future McDonald’s employee.  

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(s)He genius + S(h)e genius =Howard & Bernadette. Less exposed but always present, the switched couple coming from similar backgrounds, mother figure type. She likes to compete & loves to win, and he is afraid of her when competition is on. He’s a “ladies” man, except when he’s not, and she is a former waitress, later PhD working in a big company. Tough life that created tough character. Future for them … well it will for certain be interesting.


The hidden lover, fore(ver)igner alone = Raj. The shy non-talking unless under alcohol person, becoming more talkative through time. Doesn’t know what to say, when to say it when girls are around him, but with a great possibility to end up with a lovable girl that will get his “charm”.


So, who runs the world? The genius ones or not? Well, we might say that the geniuses run the world; they drive it with a large fast car or a boat, like Noah’s Ark, but cause they are busy setting the world into new order I guess someone else holds the wheel. The non genius ones off course, cause their hands are more than free! So jump on and have a ride! You might as well enjoy it! Ingeniously or not!

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