Smoking kills! Smoking is bad for health! Smoking takes years from your life, it makes you smell bad, takes the glow from your skin, it damages your lungs..etc. The list continues! So why do people smoke? WHY DO YOU SMOKE? Great question right! Maybe cause you don’t have much to say to the person next to you, so you put something in your mouth so the awkward silence passes unnoticed?

The fact is that you’re consciously killing yourself and you know it, and you let it, and you do it! Do you love yourself less than you think you do? If you don’t take care of yourself, should someone else do your job, cause you obviously don’t do it well? Or you think you’re smoking hot with that ashtray smelling mouth, skin & clothes? You’re smoking right, but HOT – NOT!

Next time you light another cigarette think about this, think about your health, your body, your smell, think about YOU!

Now check this cool commercials and for the love of God, STOP SMOKING!

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