Who has the largest number of Playboy covers through the years? Not a tough question right. Pamela Anderson, off course. She is the one that has exactly 13 covers, and she played them pretty well. Staying in that shape and being in public light for so long, well it’s for salute! Will there be a 14th cover for the Play-lady or she’ll stick at the “lucky” number 13, time will show!

pamela-anderson-playboy-october-1989 pamela-anderson-playboy-february-1991pamela-anderson-playboy-july-1992 pamela-anderson-playboy-august-1993pamela-anderson-playboy-november-1994 playboy-pamela-anderson-january-1996pamela-anderson-playboy-september-1997 pamela-anderson-playboy-june-1998pamela-anderson-playboy-february-1999 pamela-anderson-playboy-july-2001pamela-anderson-playboy-may-2004 playboy-pamela-anderson-january-2007playboy-pamela-anderson-2011

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