Are you for SALE?


Millionaire matchmaker! But who do they match? The person into millions and the actual millions off-course! Oh yeah if there is chemistry and love it’s called a perfect match! Yeah right, if we lie ourselves!

Have you actually seen this TV show? It’s an online store for gold-diggers. The host beside selling hungry-4-money man&woman gives also tips and trick how to catch one. Where to go, what to wear, how to behave in order to collect your prize! But who collects who in this case? Is there any self respect included? Are you that “cheap” so you’re FOR SALE?


At the end of the day, what did you left behind you? Who were you?

Somebody’s escort or let me re-frame it into somebody’s nobody! 

Escort ladies (and man) are present everywhere and that’s a fact. Good looks & shallow mind leads to easy money. The reality is that it is modern high-class prostitution! No, no I’m not trying to offend anybody, just see it from other perspective. If you’re using the body for profit, giving personal “services” to fill up the wallet, if your interest is getting some expensive “love” then yeah, you’re a female/male whore. But not a street one, oh now, you are a high class, vintage wear, expensive taste roller!


“I want to spend the rest of your money with you”!

So, to all of you “non” gold-diggers that found yourself in this topic, get your lazy asses up, turn on your brain and make those millions by yourself! Show some self-respect, honor your body and mind cause it’s not for sale! You don’t have to own a PhD to become one. See the statistics: more than 80% of the world millionaires don’t have high education and look where they’ve reached.

If they could do it, so can you. Make those money and indulge yourself by yourself. You’ll feel like royalty in your own kingdom!

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