SWIMWEAR to wear

Summer, either is here or not we must be prepared. Newest finest pieces of swimwear are starting to itch the wallet. Indulge yourself with the cutest signature wear this year. Let it lie on your silhouette perfectly and the beach is yours.
Own it baby! I picked the ultimate pieces, you do the rest - Check and see what I’m talking about..

1. Irina ShaykBeach Bunny Signature Collection 2014  

swimwear 2014 swimwear 2014 fashion swimwear 2014 fashion amazing irina-shayk-beach-bunny-signature-collection-2014- Irina_Shayk_for_Beach_Bunny_Signature_swimwear_2014_collection Irina_Shayk_for_Beach_Bunny_Signature_swimwear_2014

2. Nina Agdal - Beach Bunny Signature Collection 2014  

nina agdal swimwear 2014 beach bunny beach nina agdal swimwear 2014 beach bunny swimwear 2014 fashion amazing beach bunny nina agdal swimwear 2014 beach bunny beach summer collection nina agdal swimwear 2014 beach bunny beach summer swimwear 2014 fashion amazing beach bunny nina

3. Candice Swanepoel - Victorias Secret 2014

candice-swanepoel-sexy--swimwear-pics-part3-12-730x983 candice-swanepoel-sexy-vs-swimwear-pics-part3 swimwear-2014-fashion-beach-body candice-swanepoel-sexy--swimwear-pics-part candice-swanepoel-sexy-vs-swimwear-picsCandice Swanepoel for VS Swim, January 2014

4. Aquaclara Swimwear Collection 2014

fashion-swimwear 2014 swimwear 2014 fashion amazon amazing fashion-swimwear 2014 collection embedded_Aguaclara_2014_swimwear_collection_look__(23) gallery_big_Aguaclara_2014_swimwear_collection_look__(7)

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