Does size matters?


 What size are you?

S - rarely (bad luck ha)

M – mostly (not bad)

L – large (NOT BAD AT ALL)

XL – Extra lucky (if you can handle)

It’s like reverse fashion between sexes! Not all man likes the XL type of woman, just as not all woman like to hit the “jackpot” and end with the S type of man!

How do we pick our partners? If we’re actually attracted, feeling the chemistry, including that he’s good, smart, thoughtful, and treats you like a real man should, is he a keeper? Is the LTR (Love/Trust/Respect) mix the ultimate variable for happy & healthy relationship? YES! But … There is always a but and sometimes the but is BIG!  :-D  Where were I, oh yeah, BUT, if we add the SEX component into the mix, for certain we’re getting the made for life, Cinderella story! TAKE IT AND RUN! 


How can we know what we’re getting ourselves into without actually trying it? You know how they say: The larger the feet, the greater the package! Here they add the size of the fingers, but what does that mean? Are basketball players “D Giants”?

The reality is like life, there isn’t any exact measure where you can approximately predict your “destiny”! Just roll the wheel of happiness and hope for the best!

And how about the “extinction species”, first marriage then consumption types! No judgment, no bad word for that, but … what if the compatibility is absent? I’m sure that there are millions of ways to try to fix it and upgrade it, but sometimes that’s not possible, and that’s when the third wheel enters the forbidden zone! So maybe is better to first try it and then pledge it for life!

Oh yeah, not to forget that it is not everything in the size, there is something in the technique also! Well that is probably right, but can there be an ultimate handyman without a proper tool? It matters, doesn’t it!

Men, don’t you get discouraged by this! You are perfect, as the women are! NOT! You got what God gave you, so get the best of it! Work it!


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