Are men becoming women?



Are women that powerful to turn it other way around … turning men into women? Women becoming powerful business moguls, and man becoming beloved housewife’s? 

Lets take it from the start and see where it will take us.

From the beginning of time, men were the ultimate dominant human figures in society that ruled the world (especially women’s world). At that time they did not just have the power, but they were also abusing it, by treating the woman as a giving-birth-machines, whose place was at home, together with other women-machines, all in property of the man.

1. But women were strong! They fought for their rights of equality and the power of the man slowly but progressively started to decrease. For start one man was “entitled” to only one woman in the eyes of God. Thank you God for that!

2. But women grew stronger! They started with education, getting jobs, earning money and becoming independent beings, that were not dependable by the men! At start women had lower a.k.a “female” positions, but luckily the story continues!

3. Women grew even stronger! They become managers, directors, business owners, millionaires! With their own power, strength & knowledge they’ve become what only men were entitled to! Check out the ranking made by Forbes India, of women who are redefining power and transforming the world!


So till now we can clearly realize that the women power is constantly rising. The question is: Is there a breaking point where the roles will completely switch and men will take the reverse road of the woman? The only thing that will be left unchanged will be the giving-birth part, that will forever stay into woman’s power (although the medicine produces miracles, so we shouldn’t be so certain about it)!

Will the man become the new modern housewife? The women bring home the beagles & run the world; and the man patiently waiting at home with all chores completed, including warm home-made dinner waiting at the table?

Well … time will show, won’t it guys ;-)

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