Calendars al differente

At the beginning of the year everyone of us gets the newest, maybe hottest, provocative or perhaps inspirational, with flower or season motives etc, calendar that stay’s with us during the whole year. It will show us the day, month, remind us of important dates or maybe make us laugh every morning for a whole year. Do you pick it carefully or its a random choice you make?

I picked 3 different pieces, all fun and exceptional, made for fundraising or just pure awesomeness.

1. NYC TAXI DRIVERS 2014 Calendar

This wicked calendar was created for University Settlement, an organization that helps immigrant families fund higher education, housing and literacy programs.

Yasar (1)

Yasar Jose Hicham Darek

Waseem Hicham (1) Unicorn Darek (1)

2. HOME BIRTH DADS 2014 Calendar 

This fundraising calendar that shows pregnant men, with fake bumps, was meant to raise awareness of infant mortality reduction in Racine County.




Awesome piece by the German ad agency Kolle Rebbe for the tea company Halssen&Lyon with compressed tea for each day.


drinkable-tea-calendar-5 drinkable-tea-calendar-6 drinkable-tea-calendar-4 drinkable-tea-calendar-3

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