Wanna be RICH?



When you hear the word “RICH” what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Ok now, what is the second thing, the third maybe?

Being rich has multiple meanings.

1. To have thick WALLET!

MONEY – The time you have for yourself, free time, to spend it wherever you want, doing whatever you want, no limits included! Limitless indulgent! DREAM fulfillment!

2. To have fulfilled SOUL!

JOB – The time you have to create the first variable (money), which takes at least 1/3 of your day (that is actually long part if you count it into life time period), to take it unserious and do the opposite of working what you love, no no, you don’t wanna do that! To be able to perform what you want to work, love to work and what fulfills you while doing it, well that’s the real deal! That means to do your DREAM job! Cause if you don’t follow your dreams, then you’ll work for somebody else, or you’ll be following and fulfilling someone else’s dream!

Be your own BOSS! That is the only way to become rich! By running your own life (read business), you’ll be following your dreams, and automatically your soul and wallet will be fulfilled, cause you’ll be doing what you want to do, and actually you’ll have a chance for some serious money!

3. To have fulfilled HEART!

Meaning to have the ones you love near you, to have a happy family and loving children, to live a healthy loving life!

So, returning to the question … How to become rich?

The answer would be: FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!

They will show you the way! They are the key for eternal happiness! They are your truly desire! You only have one life; YOLO – You Only Live Once, so why not fulfill them while you’re here!

As Walt Disney once said: All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them!

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