2014 Billboard Latin Music Awards


2014 Billboard Latin Music Awards that happened yesterday in Miami, Florida, can be easily switched into Latin Anthony Awards, cause the ultimate winner was actually the one and only Marc Anthony, the Latin hottie and world salsa music maestro.(Larry Marano/Getty Images)

He took home 10 awesome awards, including:

- Artist of the year;

- Hot Latin Song of the Year (“Vivir mi vida” a track that spent 17 weeks at No.1 on Billboards Hot Latin Songs chart); a song that also won:

- Airplay Song of the Year;                                                            

- Digital Song of the Year;

- Latin Pop Song of the Year;

- Tropical Song of the Year; The list continues with:

- Top Latin Album of the Year;

- Top Latin Albums Artist of the Year, Male;

- Tropical Album of the Year;

- Tropical Albums Artist of the Year, Sole

The song is a life guide through good and bad, fun and sad. Listen to him cause he certainly knows best, and the words says it all:


I’m gonna laugh, I’m gonna dance
live my life, la, la, la, la
I’m gonna laugh, I’m gonna enjoy
live my life, la, la, la, la

Sometimes rain comes
to clean wounds
Sometimes just a drop
can overcome the drought

And why cry, for what?
If it hurts bad, forget it
And why suffer, for what?
If life is like this, you must live it …

I’m gonna live in the moment
to understand the fate
I’m gonna listen in silence
to find the way …

My people!

I’m gonna laugh, I’m gonna dance
Why mourn? Why suffer?
Start dreaming, laughing
I’m gonna laugh, I’m gonna dance
Feel and dance and enjoy,
you only live once
I’m gonna laugh, I’m gonna dance
Live, always keep moving forward
Don’t look back

My people, you only live once!

The night was also fully enriched with the performance of Enrique Iglesias and his new single “Bailando”; the mix of reggaeton and dancehall song “Baby Danger” by Wisin and Sean Paul; the emotional performance of Andrea Boccelli with Laura Pausini and the Latin classic “Perfidia”; Ricky Martin and others.

So people, don’t forget to listen to some good music, relax with funky rhythm and love like a true Latino!

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