RIHANNA & VOGUE … Come on, Rihanna is VOGUE! Check out some of the latest pictures that she took for the Vogue magazine, topless, with nothing but a skirt and turban on her. The May addition of Vogue Brazil might rock some Brazilian & world eyes! Check for yourself and see what I’m talking about! Lets start with the cover:


The pictures made by Mariano Vivanco are screaming POWER, relaxation, nature, setting that bond with yourself and feeling awesome in your own skin, while enjoying lifeLess is more! Riri rules!

article-2613404-1D6E477F00000578-303_306x423  article-2613404-1D6E45A000000578-966_306x423 article-2613404-1D6F797200000578-349_634x694

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