Fried EGGS like a BOSS

Who said that eating fried eggs cant be fun? Not only it can be joyful, but also can be innovative and romantic. Prepare them for you as a morning treat, for your children as a morning sun&fun breakfast, for your loved ones. Make them with love and attention. If you have a mold that’s great, but there is no room for panic if you don’t have it! There are creative ways of doing it using other “gadgets” from the kitchen. Good morning and Bon Appetite!

face-shaped-fried-eggs-funny-breakfast-healthy-morning-brunch smiley-running-face-fried-eggs-morning-brunch

sun-clouds-fried-eggs-shape-breakfast  sun-clouds-breakfast-on-plate-funny-fried-eggs

flower-shaped-eggs-fried-breakfast-healthy  shaped-flower-eggs-fried-breakfast-funny

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