Breakfast in bed

When was the last time you had breakfast in bed? Doesn’t matter if you’re alone or you come in pair, a treat is a treat regardless the number of personas included! Indulge yourself. You are the royalty of your kingdom, so why not enjoy it to the fullest! If you have your loved one next to you, then be gentle and prepare something amazing with great amount of love! Trust me when I say that the real treat will come after the treat!

Start with some fresh juice and coffee if possible. Add some croissants, some fruit maybe, or anything that your heart desires, and voila – breakfast is served! Don’t forget the picture-perfect part – the flower, as gentle as your love is!

Bon Appetite … and Bon Appetite!

breakfast-in-bed-juice-orange-strawberries-chocolate breakfast-in-bed-strawberries-juice  

eggs-fruit-juice-breakfast-in-bed water-juice-breakfast-in-bed-picture-perfectpancakes-breakfast-in-bed-juice-fruit coffee-juice-fruit-breakfast-in-bed

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