Since we were little kids we used to dream of being something … of becoming somebody! Did you become what you dreamed of being, or your dreams faded away through the gray daily routine?

Is your life fulfilled, interesting and fun or it’s just as common and ordinary run? Did you transformed into modern “machine” that you never thought and dreamed of being? How about this one:

Do you live using net to connect, or the net is your actual life connection?

Don’t be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin!

This topic can take few directions, but the one I want to tickle your brain cells today with, is the following:

Do you live your life, or you live the life of others?

I must mention them first, cause they possess two frontier lines, in terms of connecting and staying in touch with people you know, you met, you went to school with, you’ve visited seminars or went in camps together with, worked with etc … etc … etc … THE SOCIAL NETWORKS! They are simply excellent, cause you’re in everyday touch, especially with the people you love the most, wherever&whenever you or they are! But (there is always a but) the line between daily using and overdosing with other people life’s is VERY THIN! You can easily switch and cross it, that will take you to a place where you’ll get ADDICTED with not your’s, but other people problems, moments, serious and stupid stuff!

You need to remember that that is not your life! If you read or saw the actual happening, that doesn’t mean that you are or were a part of it! You just ran into it randomly through the net (the cyber space – not the reality space)!

The point is: LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE! Go out and spend quality time with your actual friends! Go to parties, not just “like” someone else’s party pictures! Discover new things, explore the nature, see the world. Don’t stop on drooling over nice pictures! Create moments, live wild and free! YOLO people! Peace.


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