Manolo Blahnik MAGIC

Manolo Blahnik presented for the first time its new collection Fall/Winter 2014-2015 at Paul Kasmin Gallery (the ex-home of the night club Bungalow 8) during the New York Fashion Week. Inspired from the nineteenth-century literature, to Spanish art of the Victorian era, including pom-pom trims and fabulous hand-sewn crystals, the entire collection displays complexity and is exquisitely stunning. A complete pleasure for the ones with refined taste!

Manolo-Blahnik-FallWinter-2014-2015-3 Manolo-Blahnik-FallWinter-2014-2015-2 Manolo-Blahnik-FallWinter-2014-2015-1 Manolo-Blahnik-FallWinter-2014-2015-7  

 Manolo-Blahnik-FallWinter-2014-2015-5 Manolo-Blahnik-FallWinter-2014-2015-4Manolo-Blahnik-FallWinter-2014-2015-12 Manolo-Blahnik-FallWinter-2014-2015-11

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