Wild Wild West PARTY

cowboys welcome sign

Lets go WEST! By west I mean Western mi amigos! It’s time for party, and not just any party, but WILD WILD WEST PARTY! Get your cowboy groove on and let the party begin! The preps are easy and quick, so don’t forget to enjoy every step of it!

You are the SHERIFF for the day, so get your badge on and regulate the party to the highest level! Make your own Welcome sign and place where you’ll greet your guests! Dressing code included for certain – Western style, cowboys, Indians, depending on the person of course! It’s there choice, but make sure that it’s a must! Purchase cowboy hats for everybody and red scarfs, as a symbol of the old western. It doesn’t have to be old-style, but instead you can mix it up and let it be modern western party! Instead of corn bread, make some muffins, still accenting the wild west style.

WANTED& REWARD BOARD – So everybody has a picture as a reminder and a loving memory of your party!

WESTERN INVITATIONS - Stay close to your style and create wild & memorable invitations for your attendees!

Let everybody know that there is a new Sheriff in town

Western-birthday-party-theme-ideas-cowboy-country-food-wild-west-17 Western-birthday-party-theme-ideas-cowboy-country-food-wild-west25 Western-birthday-party-theme-ideas-cowboy-country-food-wild-west-19

Western-birthday-party-theme-ideas-cowboy-country-food-wild-west-21 Western-birthday-party-theme-ideas-cowboy-country-food-wild-west-13 Western-birthday-party-theme-ideas-cowboy-country-food-wild-west-10 Western-birthday-party-theme-ideas-cowboy-country-food-wild-west-7

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