Strawberry & Arugula SALAD

Time to add strawberries at your daily menu. We go healthy but funky at the same time with this simple & fabulous salad. Try to make it, and trust me as high the simplicity of making is, the same level the greetings to the Chef will be! As a dinner starter or as an entire meal, the choice is yours; so enter that kitchen of yours and do your magic! The needed ingredients are:

5 oz container of arugula

1/2 pt strawberries

2 oz soft goat cheese

2 Tbsp of crumbled nuts





If you want to make this salad an entire meal, just add grilled chicken and voila, dinner is served!

Florida-Arugula-and-Goat-Cheese-Salad-with-Citrus-and-Strawberry_recipe Strawberry-Arugula-Salad Warm-Goat-Cheese-Salad

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