Life = Destiny?


Do you believe in destiny or your path is a consequence of your own choices? Is our future written somewhere in the stars? Does God has a certain path drawn for us that we are bound to walk?

Is life just a random set of choices or there is nothing random in the journey called life?

Horoscope! Are you one of the majority that is reading it as a daily ritual? Ok, so there is also daily, monthly and horoscope for the entire year! So maybe our destiny IS written in the stars; Or horoscope is just a fabrication of some creative mind?

Psychics & Tarot cards! Do you believe in it? Have you visited someone who told you what your destiny will look like? Love life, work, money, children, everything can be told! Did it become reality, or you’re still waiting for it to happen?

Have you ever challenged your “destiny”; Did something different, crazy but wise, get out of your comfort zone? Is your life a simple cube a.k.a box, where every angle is familiar and getting out is scary and unknown, or your world is the world itself; round and forever spinning around?



You know how they say: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got”! So don’t get stuck in the boxy life style, cause it’s up to you and not your destiny if you choose to live “boring” and let everyday be just as the day before! GET OUT OF IT! NOW! Live to the fullest, experience the inexperienced, trigger your fears, upgrade your lifestyle and LIVE!

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