Where is the LOVE?


LIFEPOPPER is a site that covers and discusses about positive, life-changing topics, that relaxes your body and mind, and stimulates a better mood.

But sometimes people need to be reminded what the purpose of life is!

HATE! I really (when I say really, I mean reeeeealy) dislike that word, but come on, why use it when there is so much happier, bigger, and soulful thing as LOVE!!! So much impatience, anger, bad temper and violence is present into people. Have we all forgotten our core values? Should we blame it on somebody, or the only one to point finger is ourselves? I ask one more time – WHERE IS THE LOVE? Where is the compassion, humanity, understanding and harmony?

The presence of division between people who are “different” is more than visible! From appearance and skin color, through economic condition and political view,  to sexual orientation and religion, people are divided and judged. Judged by whom? Who can judge other person unless God? And not even the Great One is judging us! We were made the same, you just need to look at the person next to you, and see that you are both the same! Unfortunately the seed of hate is already planted into human core, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be changed! YES IT CAN! For beginning, we must start from ourselves. As Ganghi once said: “Be the change you wish to see in the world”! Then continue with the loved ones, help when other is in trouble, spread love and compassion, and just be human! Spread the word and teach the closest ones of those life principles and guidance’s! It will spread from mouth to mouth, from heart to heart like epidemic!


Repeat these words after me: LOVE, Kindness, Friendship, Appreciation, Respect, PEACE, Grace, Forgiveness, Sympathy, Cheer, Joy, Blessing, HAPPINESS!

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