30 & Single

Still haven’t found the (wo)man of your life? Do you feel like the only thing that passes you by are the years; instead of that right person that you are patiently waiting for? Should you lower your standards maybe and settle down for something less? Most of your friends have formed families and have kids too, and you are still hitting the clubs in hope to find that special one to share your life with? Where is the “problem”? Are U the problem? 


We all have dreams in life. We dream of the perfect job, ideal partner, harmonious life-style … And then all of a sudden, you turn around and find yourself hitting the 4th decade of your life and still haven’t found that special one a.k.a. prince/princess to fulfill your fairy-tale called life! Is there a room for panic or you’re already trapped in it?

Ok, so how about your expectations … Tall, dark, handsome, D-r of Science, sporty type, gentleman, romantic, loyal, friendly, faithful, charming, good job, independent, and do not forget – SINGLE!

Seems like an endless list, ha!

Have you ever been approached by something similar, but you haven’t even picked with an eye just because one of your “Must-have” LIST haven’t been included?

Hey, WHY NOT? If not a boyfriend maybe a great friend is on the horizon! And you know how they say, a friend has other friends, that has other friends and so the circle gets wider, and the chances become more real! So here is what’s important:

1. BE OPEN! 


Don’t you ever loose hope! Get in your best YOU all the time! Being single isn’t a time to be looking for love, it’s to use your time to work on yourself and grow as an individual! Read, write, travel, paint, workout, spend quality time with your friends, make new friendships …

You’ re single so get up and mingle!


Fabulosity is not just a word, it’s a statement, a state of mind! Set your mind in the right lane; the fast lane! Live spectacular, live free! God has a path for all of us, so be patient, cause patience is a virtue! In meantime (all time) JUST LIVE!

3. BE YOU!

We all have flaws and all! It’s learning to accept them and to live with them, as we should accept someone else “low” points.

At the end it all gets down to this:

LOVE – cause without love, life isn’t complete!


Hey ya Single ladies … PUT YOUR HANDS UP! :)


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