Rise and shine funky people … Let’s get this awesome day “started”! You’ve already done all your work-home chores and it’s time to take a break, an evening sunny mad-break! Let the sun shine through the dark and turn the voice of your heart to the maximum! Does TEQUILA SUNRISE sounds nice? Aaaaa come on, nice it’s a small word! This has two great words in itself! Rise that soul sun with glance of tequila! Not tomorrow, not next week, do it tonight!

Preps are as quick as the fun is as cheerful :)

Tequila-Sunrise (1)

El cocktelito needed ingredients are:

2 oz Tequila

3/4 oz Grenadine syrup

Orange juice

Crushed ice




How about including some sunrise details also … Spice this evening up!

tequila-sunrise-cake-paradise Tequila-sunrise-eating-paradise  



And some fashion sunrise statement .. on the next page ..

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