The GREATest viewing platforms

Located on interesting high-to-the-sky places, offering the best view from remarkable platforms. Little scary and dangerous but very exciting and dramatic! These are the world’s most impressive viewing platforms:



Located 4,000 feet above the Colorado river, only 2 hours from Las Vegas, Nevada, 1.2 million pounds in total weight, with more than 1 million pounds of steel and 83,000 pounds of glass, lies the most-talked about destination – the Grand Canyon SKYWALK!

Grand-Canyon-Glass-Skywalk-Tour-7 Grand-Canyon-Glass-Skywalk-Tour-5 Grand-Canyon-Glass-Skywalk-Tour-6 Grand-Canyon-Glass-Skywalk-Tour-4

Grand-Canyon-Glass-Skywalk-Tour-9 Grand-Canyon-Glass-Skywalk-Tour-8 Grand-Canyon-Glass-Skywalk-Tour-10 ???????????????????????????

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