The GREATest viewing platforms


Auckland_SKYWALK_sky-tower-tower-walk-New Zealand-5 

Auckland Skytower – with glass floors to the road below and a controlled bungy jump; where visitors have 360 degree views up to 80km away, is actually the tallest building in the southern Hemisphere, placed in Auckland, New Zealand.

Auckland_SKYWALK_sky-tower-tower-walk-New Zealand-7

Auckland_SKYWALK_sky-tower-tower-walk-New Zealand-6

Auckland_SKYWALK_sky-tower-tower-walk-New Zealand-4 Auckland_SKYWALK_sky-tower-tower-walk-New Zealand-3 Auckland_SKYWALK_sky-tower-tower-walk-New Zealand-2 Auckland_SKYWALK_sky-tower-tower-walk-New Zealand-1

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