What after CAPITALISM?

capitalism--what is wrong with it-1CAPITALISM – defined by Oxford dictionary is an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by individuals, instead of by the state.

<— Do you even see that this table is a dinner for two? Or the worker is too small (marginalized) to be seen?

Does Capital = Freedom, or it’s a classical miss-perception, a masterpiece by an illusionist? 

Why this freedom equality? Capitalism gives freedom to the individual! It allows each person independence to build their own future. It’s up to the person to choose the lifestyle they would like to maintain. This leads to higher motivation, eager for innovation, striving for excellence! The individual process of climbing the ladder in society is a win win situation for the society also, as the contribution is embodied in growth, investing in production, development and innovation!


This sounds so awesome! Ok, but where is the catch then? Cause when we put those pink glasses aside, we are actually facing the reality, and it’s far from pink, isn’t it!

The RICH are getting RICHER & the POOR are getting even POORER! 

The existence of the middle class is at it’s final act! To be or not to be! Till the moment they completely vanish!

How did this happen? What went wrong?

From healthy competition, the situation turned into sickening version of Capitalism, where money is fake, profits are projected, investments are leveraged, Governments are monetized, international trades are subsidized and the losses are socialized! 

Sound like a song to me, with lots of rhymes included! :) It’s up to who sings it!

It all starts and ends with the HUMAN! GREED is firmly ingrained in the human core! The individual was given the freedom! Freedom lead to higher profit, which led to the desire of even higher profit! That desire is limited cause there are freedom boundaries also. That is the crucial point when the situation gets out of control! In order to reduce costs and increase incomes, the game goes “dirty”! Corruption knocks on door and the “game” takes another turn! The head players are the Government, their defense is the Police, on the back position is the Media, and who is the center player? The individual maybe? Yeah right, we are not producers or directors so we make a happy ending movie! It is the MONEY!


Capitalism leads to Corruption! Corruption leads to Bankruptcy! Bankruptcy leads to poverty! 

The question stays open: Can we brake this dazzled circle that vacuums us all in?

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