super-sperm-man-get-healthy-manDo you want to transform your sperm into SUPERSPERM?

Want those gentleman’s of your to swim faster?

Well, fasten your sit-belts cause they’re about to take off. There is an answer, and you’re about to hear it now!

According to researches at the Harvard University’s School of Public Health, eating vegetables may increase the production of healthy sperm!

You should load up on oranges, yellow fruit and vegetables! Carrots in particular were singled out for their sperm-boosting properties. These veggies, along with spinach and lettuce, are high in beta-carotene.

Researches has shown that this antioxidant improves sperm ability to swim towards an egg, by 6.5% to 8%. 

You know how they say, FOOD is pleasure and a cure, so go ahead and boost up these following products in your daily menu:


1. Fresh Fruits

Maybe you were not aware, but actually the high levels of vitamin C ensures the potency and quality of your sperm. So if you want to SUPER-SPERM-UP than have at least 2 portions of fruits like lemon, oranges, sweet lime and mangoes a day.


2. Garlic

Maybe not so often because of the magical scent afterwards, but joke aside, various studies have shown that it has aphrodisiac properties and also helps improve blood circulation.


???????????????????????????????????3. Fish

Get a swimmer by the swimmer! Not only that it will help you become fit, it will also get your little ones swimming! Their essentialness comes from the Fatty Acids which helps improve circulation around the reproductive system and it also boosts the quality of the sperm!


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