Maaji Swimwear collection 2015

We present you “Equestrian chic” - the vibrant 2015 Maaji Swimwear collection! At this year’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Miami, Maaji really nailed it with the unique concept of riding caps and brought whips through the sounds of neighing horses over the beats of the background music.

The collection is fancy,  fun and pretty swank! It brings light & elicits smile! Agree?

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2015 Official Coverage - Best Of Runway Day 3 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2015 Official Coverage - Best Of Runway Day 3

Maaji-swimwear-collection-at-Mercedes-Benz-fashion-week-in-Miami-2015-cute-funky-trendy-summer-12 Maaji-swimwear-collection-at-Mercedes-Benz-fashion-week-in-Miami-2015-cute-funky-trendy-summer-11

Maaji-swimwear-collection-at-Mercedes-Benz-fashion-week-in-Miami-2015-cute-funky-trendy-summer-10 Maaji-swimwear-collection-at-Mercedes-Benz-fashion-week-in-Miami-2015-cute-funky-trendy-summer-4

Maaji-swimwear-collection-at-Mercedes-Benz-fashion-week-in-Miami-2015-cute-funky-trendy-summer-3 Maaji-swimwear-collection-at-Mercedes-Benz-fashion-week-in-Miami-2015-cute-funky-trendy-summer-2


A real shocker of the evening was the athletic wear. The clothes are so phenomenal that they will take you straight to the gym! You can see why:

Maaji-swimwear-collection-at-Mercedes-Benz-fashion-week-in-Miami-2015-cute-funky-trendy-summer-6 Maaji-swimwear-collection-at-Mercedes-Benz-fashion-week-in-Miami-2015-cute-funky-trendy-summer-9

As a cherry on top came the Men’s Swimwear collection that was more than warmly welcomed by the crowd (the female part to be specific).


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