Delicious potato KOFTE

Wanna make a delicious snack in less than 30 minutes? Prepare for some Indian magic!


Needed ingredients:

3 large potatoes (boiled, peeled and grated)
Bhuna masala (65 grams)
1/4 tbsp Green cardamom powder
pinch of Mace (javitri) powder
Finely chopped Green chilies
2 tbsp Cornflour
2 tbsp Fresh breadcrumbs + for coating
1/2 tbsp Red chilli powder
Oil (for deep-frying)


In a large bowl mix the potatoes, green cardamom&mace powder, green chilies, cornflour, fresh breadcrumbs, salt and red chili powder. When the mixture is compact, divide it into equal portions and shape them into a bowl. Stuff them with the bhuna masala and gather the edges together into a shape of a round kofta.

Coat the koftas with breadcrumbs and deep-fry it in a hot oil till golden. Drain them onto paper towels.

The decorating part is up to your taste. You can place a lemon wedge and thin strips of red and green capsicums on the plate. SERVE THEM HOT! 

Bon Appetite!


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