There shouldn’t be any question about it. But, since everything needs to be additionally proven to the non-believers (if any even exists), than I shall say: Challenge accepted! 


Beer is the 3rd most popular drink in the world - after water and tea!

Beer contains over 90% water! This means that it will make you avoid dehydration and it’s good for your kidneys!

Beer is a natural conditioner for the hair! How about 1/2 beer for drinking and the other half for your hair! Make a shampoo just by mixing an egg to a half a can of beer. Massage your hair and rinse it after. Now watch the soft and bouncy magic happen in front of your eyes. It’s a win win situation for you and your hair simultaneously!

Beer and brain are really good friends! Beer triggers the growth of new brain cells! So ladies, next time football is on, reserve your sit and pour it up! After the match you might be surprised by a productive, upgraded conversation (yeah right). Still, researches have shown that beer allows the brain to enter a more flexible state of attention, improving memory, reasoning power and concentration!


Drink beer now, and your heart and bones will thank you later! Studies have shown that drinking beer actually helps to prevent the onset of heart disease. It’s also rich in Vitamin B which keeps your arteries clean and clot free. And for your bones; beer increases bone density cause of the silicon that is present in high amount.

Still not convinced? Shortly:

Beer reduces stress; controls diabetes; reduces Hypertension and Cholesterol; cures Insomnia; guards against strokes; reduces the risk of cancer; it’s antioxidant rich! The list continues …


Beer brings people together, makes the music sound better& improves your dance moves.

Don’t forget … SHARING IS CARING!


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